Gordon Lloyd Goldberg

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My Plan and Biography
My plan? To enjoy life to the fullest extent allowable by law (and then some....) Taxes and dealer preparation fees may vary....
Gordon Lloyd Goldberg
9 June 1964
340 Haven Avenue
Apartment 1D
New York, New York 10033-5334
Home Phone:
(212) 781-5745 (unsolicited calls discouraged)
DOT Labor Relations
40 Worth Street, Rm 810
New York, New York 10013
Work Phone:
(212) 442-1970 (unsolicited calls discouraged)
Internet Provider:
PANIX Public Access Internet and Unix
Email Address:
IRC Nickname:
Gord- (if you can't find me around, check with my bot, Magdala)
PowWow Nickname:
Gord-NYC (you must be running PowWow to reach me here)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
Undergrad -
BS in Interdisciplinary (Computer) Science '86
Grad -
MBA in Human Resources/Management Info. Systems '89
MS in Psychology (pending thesis - maybe some day)
currently Director of Labor Relations for the New York City Department of Transportation.
Administrator, RPI lily CMC server
Vice Commander/Admiral, Starfleet, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
Member/Volunteer, Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center of NYC
Member, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Associate, American Museum of Natural History
Member, Coalition of Lesbian and Gay City Employees (NYC)
Height- 6'2"
Weight- 182lb
Hair- Dark Blond (naturally, but frequently changed at whim)
Eyes- Blue/Green/Gray changing with mood (blue with lenses in)
Piercings- Ears only (2 in left, 1 in right)
Meyers-Briggs Personality Profile - ENXP (see ENTP and ENFP)
Favorite colors- Black, grey, purple, burgundy
Favorite guy- my boyfriend, Sven
Favorite movies- The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Benny & Joon, Addams Family Values, Sister Act, Labyrinth, Torch Song Trilogy, Priscilla
Favorite reading- Fantasy and Science Fiction
Favorite music- Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Camouflage, They Might Be Giants, R.E.M., Rockapella, Gloria Estefan.
Favorite Gender Illusionist- Gloria D'Avalon
Favorite sports- Skating, swimming, body-building, skiing
Favorite TV shows- Star Trek (all), Lois & Clark, Babylon-5, SeaQuest, Bewitched, Dr. Who
Other Favorite Activities- Dancing, long walks, gourmet cooking, broadway shows, deep discussions, backrubs.
Fave Quotes:
"What's the use of being grown up if you can't act childish sometimes?"
"Nothing outside makes you whole. That arrives only when you come to terms with what's inside, when you accept what you are and who you are and grant yourself the right to make mistakes and still keep your self-respect."
An ye harm none, do as ye will shall be the whole of the law.
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Gordon Lloyd Goldberg